Friday, September 12, 2014

Reflective Teacher Day 12: How I see my teaching changing in 5 years....

     I already see my teaching changing and changing for the better. There is so much going on in education right now some challenging and some really beneficial to students. This is how I see it changing what I do in my classroom....
     Technology: I have always tried to incorporate something into the classroom with technology. It amazes me what is available today: from having a device in every student's hand to the availability of on line tools and things like Google Drive. Our district is moving to a 1 to 1 environment with every student having a MacBook. This has profound implications for what I do in my room on a daily basis. I believe these implications are a good thing. I think many resist these changes thinking that technology is a cover all solution for education. Remember, technology does not replace good teaching or the teacher. It was never meant to at all. Technology is like the sriracha sauce on well pretty much anything: it enhances what was already there. Just like anything in education it is how you use it. What are you having your students do? Is it content related? Or are they just playing? Is there depth to what they are doing? Does it challenge and expand their world? All of these considerations are questions that have to be answered. But the possibilities are limitless. The challenge for teachers and the education field in general are to make it work and to navigate the inevitable field of glitches and problems. There are many of them, but overall if it makes what you do easier and is still relevant, robust and related to content, why wouldn't I dive right in??? Students use technology and their world is full of it everywhere. Maybe we should have some adults who are trained to demonstrate how things work show them how to use this technology. Oh yea....that's US! So take a risk. Try something using technology. Roll with the mess that will follow. (The mess will's okay)
     Thinking and Doing: While there are a million complaints against the standardization of education and things like the Common Core, I believe that standards are standards. Give me a list of things you want my students to know and I will knock it out no problem. I have to admit I like the move away from multiple choice questions and a shift towards critical thinking and having students do something, create something on the standardized assessment. As long as the assessments are written well and not written to be graded easier or completed in a shorter period of time, then bring it on! I would love to see a variety of different assessments all related to the same standards but done differently. If we should do that in the classroom, why can't the State come up with a set of common assessments that vary and force students to demonstrate their learning in different ways??? That would be ideal, but maybe a pipe dream. It's okay to dream, isn't it?

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  1. Yes it is! Great post. It seems like a lot of us are moving forward with technology this year and embracing the mess! We don't have one-to-one, but it is coming and in the meantime more and more Chromebooks are appearing around the school. It's an exciting time to be an educator.