Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Reflective Blog Day #3: "Observation" Area I would like to improve.....

     It's funny how things work out. One of the areas of my growth plan that I want to work on is making sure ALL students are understanding the material. do I do that? Formative checks are a great way to do this and I have been doing this for a number of years now. However, I have always been stuck with how to do it in a timely fashion that would allow me to get and give feedback which would allow me to alter my instruction to "fix" what was wrong in any given lesson or unit.
     So I guess my area would be boiled down to using formative feedback to help improve instruction where it was needed. I would like to then try to differentiate between those they get it, and those that did not get it. I am going to try to employ a variety of techniques: using Socrative and the Smartboard to get my AP students use to AP style questions (S/O to Marie Waltz on this idea) before they hit the AP test. Many of them have not had an AP class before and they should get used to the style they will face given that many of them have never seen one before.
     Using Socrative allows me to keep this data to track how the students do in every unit. I can do this individually and as a class. We can then go over the 3-4 questions as a class and discuss why they thought they way they did and why the correct answer is what it is. This type of out loud thinking is good practice for the students (and actually for me as well....write better questions Wolski!) to see what they will face in May and to show any issues with what we, more importantly I, did to deliver the material. Again, I have done this before but in a much less formal way. This has serious potential to be a great way to move towards differentiation.

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